Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 2.2

      I'm not a new writer, I just haven't written seriously since high school, with the exception of the occasional poem or contest entry. The contest landed me 2 behind the goalie seats for the NHL Western Conference Finals.  If any of you are hockey fans, you know what a HUGE deal this is! In 4 lines you had to show that you were a Red Wings fan by using player names. I took 5 minutes to write it out, then anxiously called the station with my perfect work of fan driven love. It was unanimous that I was the winner. we went!

                                                  Contest Winning Poem:

                         We've got Datsyuk, Draper and Zetterberg to start,
                         Rafalski and Lidstrom who play with whole hearts.
                         We've got Kronwall and Stuart our 2 biggest hitters.
                         There's no team that can beat us...We're Red Wings
                          not quitters.
                         Franzen the Mule and Hudler who's Happy,
                         We need a nickname for Ericsson snappy.
                         Helm skates flawlessly, we couldn't ask for more...
                         It appears as though the Red Wings are looking to score.
                         We will go to the finals to take on the Pens....
                         Red Wings lovers know how it ends.
                         We will all cheer them on at the Parade....
                         They are from Detroit...
                         Where Champions are made.

I entered the contest using only the first 4 lines of course, I wrote the rest just because.

Until my next very brilliant thought.

     After trimming down the word count to a respectable 973, and adding some spectacular vivid verbs, I have finished polishing my beloved story.  The process has been an interesting one, forcing me to learn a lot in a short amount of time. I'm finally 100% satisfied, so I am going to put this baby to bed and move on to the next.

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