Short Stories


 Short Stories by Mo Lovelly

Tale of a Picked On Platypus - A week in the life of a very clumsy platypus. Phyllis thinks life is just miserable at Lyons Day School.

Reviews from readers -
"I liked the upbeat tone and how you wrote about a problem that many kids have problems with: fitting in. the fact that the platypus went from depressed, grabbing at straws to get out of school, to happy in one day, made me feel like I was back in elementary school again. great short story!" 

"Sounds like a great story for me to read to the kids at my school as their counselor!"
Chance's Extraordinary Adventure - Join Chance as he tries to outsmart Trouble while traveling through the Galaxy Slim and None.

Reviews from readers - .
" I liked the idea of Chance taking a chance to capture Trouble. I think as a core for a story its an amazing concept which should be developed further. Writing for children I find a difficult genre. Good work!"
Artie's New Ear Muffs - Artie's beloved pet spider, Sam, is missing! Find out what Sam was up to.

Reviews from readers -
"Really cute and nicely written. I enjoyed the playfulness and interesting wording. The ending is great. Thanks for sharing your talent." 

"This is a cute story l love the ending. I could picture the entire story in my mind, which was great."

"My eight year old grandson would love this. Anything to do with creepy crawlies. I could see this working well as an illustrated kids book. Phyllis Phillips and Artie McFinnigan are great names. You've obviously got a good imagination, no bad thing for a children's author."